About Discover Anywhere Mobile

Discover Anywhere Mobile is the leading smartphone app development company for destination-based travel We’re a Toronto-based venture lead by President David Janes. We create location-aware iPhone, Android, iPad BlackBerry and mobile web applications for destinations, resorts and other companies. Our applications will ensure that people are always connected to the information they need when they need it: events, conferences, shopping, accommodations, transportation, restaurants and more. We provide almost complete coverage across all Internet-ready smartphones and take full advantage of advanced features such as GPS-location, itinerary planning, social media, augmented reality and mapping to deliver a simple and compelling user experience.

About David Janes

David Janes has been an IT professional for the last 25 years, working for companies such as IBM, BMO, CDS and Algorithmics. In 1995, he founded Cartesian Software Consulting to provide services related to high-performance applications for the finance, database and web sectors. In 2009 he founded Discover Anywhere Mobile to provide location-aware smartphone products fo DMOs and CVBs.